Driveway Concrete Repair or Replace

Concrete driveways have around a 25-50 year life span. Its durability depends on several factors from the way the concrete was mixed before pouring, less than ideal curing temperatures, water erosion and a whole host of other uncontrollable circumstances.

When driveways are damaged by the years or from an unfortunate accident, they can become dangerous. 

Uneven surfaces create tripping hazards. Many of us have stumbled walking on a road when we hit an uneven slab of concrete that meets another, more level slab.  

Complete Concrete Contractors can fix that!

Potholes can do some damage to someone’s ankle. Imagine walking to the door from the car with your arms full of groceries. You probably will not see that pothole coming. 

Sure, we can fix that too!

Cracks will continue to erode into larger problems. That hairline crack through the driveway you keep ignoring will grow into a much larger crack that could turn into a pothole or allow the surface to buckle.

Yep, we can definitely fix that!

Many concrete driveway problems can be fixed if you do not wait too long. Our concrete driveway repair technicians are extensively trained to handle all your repair needs. 

Let us visit you and provide you with a free, professional assessment of your situation. In most situations, you will save a lot of money by repairing your concrete driveway compared to a full replacement.

Here are some of the most common repairable issues with driveway concrete.

  • Sunken Apron – the slab that transitions between different grades of concrete (eg. between the driveway and your garage floor).
  • Potholes – areas of your driveway that have cracked, have been weathered and worn away into a hole.
  • Pitting – also known as spalling. Small holes on a driveway’s surface. This is commonly caused by weather, bad concrete mixing, bad curing and age.
  • Expansion Joint – These joints allow slabs to move and not add stress to whatever it sits against. They are common where slabs meet, they meet up with a building or where a deck joins the coping.
  • Hairline Cracks – These cracks are barely noticeable in a concrete driveway. If left unchecked, they will grow into problems causing large cracks or lead to potholes.
  • Crumbling – loose concrete resulting from wear on cracks, pits and holes. 

You do not want to wait to fix concrete issues in your driveway. Any compromised area allows water to enter. That is bad news!

In warm weather, hard or recurring rains can flow through cracks, washing away loose concrete material. This erosion creates more damage and incurs higher costs to repair. If you allow the damage to become too severe, you may have to replace it.

In cold weather, water freezes in cracks, potholes, surface pits and anywhere else it can seep into. When water freezes, it expands. This expansion causes more damage to cement, making a small problem grow exponentially. 

Complete Concrete Contractors’ professional technicians will visit your home and assess your driveway for free. They will walk you through your options and provide a detailed estimate.

Our crews will perform repairs quickly and cleanly, leaving you with a driveway that looks like new!  Do not let nature wreak havoc on your driveway. Contact us today!